New Website, New Blog, New Beginning

It has been a little over a year since I have graduated from college, and while I truly value my college experience, I definitely did not prepare enough for the after college experience, also known as "real life". This new website design is the beginning of a new initiative for me trying to build a future for myself. The main goal of this website is to be a showcase of my assorted art projects, and hopefully lead to figuring out a way to support my self doing similar projects. 

I am using the service Squarespace to build this site. I have a general understanding of HTML and CSS, and plan to grow my knowledge in website development in the future, but Squarespace is truly fantastic service for building beautiful websites quickly. I hope to someday stop using Squarespace, and have a website that is truly of my own design. But for now, this will do just fine.

One thing I have seen on the websites of contemporary artists I am inspired by is a blog. I decided I am going to start a little blog on my site too. I have a few ideas for the type of posts I hope to make. One type of post will be called "Progress Report", which will detail progress on some of the personal projects I am working on. Another type of post will be called "My Favorite Media", which will be a weekly (hopefully) summary of my favorite art I have currently digging. I have some more ideas for other types of posts I may make in the future too. I am not totally sure the overall purpose of the blog part of my website, but at minimum, it will be a documentation of both my art, and the art that inspires me. 

And now onto bigger and better things.